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Shadows So there's this guy.. - GET ME BODIED.
So there’s this guy..

I bumped into this cute guy outside smoking at a party back in Fredonia campus, had a quick conversation, but for some reason we kept going out at the same time for a cigarette, and he hit on me and I didn’t think too much about it..

So I’m doing my thing and dancing to Beyonce of course

So now he walks in the room and is watching me dance. So I lost my jagger and I’m trying to get my cool moves back but all I’m really doing is..

He comes by and starts dancing with me

Then kept offering me shots of his Bacardi and you guys know where that goes, But I can’t remember if I ended up like this..

well the night goes on and we went out seperate ways..

*few weeks later*

I decided to CREEP for him on Facebook, and found him!

So he adds me back and I’m

Then I go thru his photos and i’m all

I finally got the balls and to message him and we finally start talking and he called me cute and wants to meet up again!

But then I start talking too much..

And he stops replying.

But.. I have his number

And if I ever see him again..


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